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About Us

Company Vision 

"A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more."

- Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Founders - Mr. Ramji Das Agrawal & Mr. Shailesh Agrawal, Started working on Electric Vehicle idea back in 2012, and then formally Registered the Company in October 2013 as “SuperEco Automotive Co. LLP” with its Commercial Production. That time their were very few Companies in EV segment which were working seriously with a concrete vision.


We at Super Eco started with an idea of bringing “Class Leading Products” to India, at par with European Standards or even better. Company started in 3W segment through its Brand “TumTum” and “VAZRA” in passenger and Cargo Segment, from day one these has been class leading in its category with longest working life and highest mileage efficiency.

In 2016, Super Eco sensed the very big scope of Electric 2 Wheeler and started working on the concept of “Superior Quality Vehicles at affordable Price” which lead to “SUPER ECO” SE1 as its First Scooter (2 Wheeler) in Non registration Category with most modern Design and advance German Technology, it was fully based on Next Generation Lithium Battery, German Technology Bosch Motor and Regenerative Breaking System using Most advance Controller mechanism providing highest power and Mileage combination. Moving Forward, Super Eco continued to work on Most advance models and Bikes, resulting in Production ready models S1 & S2 in low speed as well as High Speed Category, in these scooters new upgradeable Technology is used so in future whatever gadgets are available, can be added to it like GPS, Wifi, Android Display, Battery swapping system, keeping the German Technology at its Core.

Super Eco Also working over Electric Motorcycle Code Name “X1” whose Prototype and Final Design is Ready, once get the required funding, its production is targeted from April 2019, This bike is going to be Best in Class with all latest features like “Mobile APP” support. Bosch Motor, German Technology, Regenerative Breaking System, Swappable Battery, 150Km Plus Drive Range, Top Speed approx 65 / 90 Km/Ph Range Options. its High end Version with Top Speed of 150-190 Km/Ph, Drive range of 200-250 Km in single Charge, Touch screen Display and first in Class “Drive Guidance mechanism” is also in pipe line, competing with any international Brand and Quality.

We at SuperEco are very Enthusiastic and Positive for the Future of Electric Vehicles, as sign all over the world are in favour of this green technology. Everywhere in the world, wether it is USA, Europe or neighbouring countries it is vastly catching up, like In China almost all two Wheelers are Electric, China’s Electric-Tricycle market is also more than 2 million unit per Month. and having the similar population in INDIA, we hope to see the similar market in near Future in INDIA.

SuperEco USP over the Competitors

8 Years Production and Sales Experience

Established since 2013, this enable us to understand Short term as well as long term issues with the product and battery as this data and reach to practical issues is very rare in the industry due to which our risk aversion is more then any of the other companies as already 25000 units we have sole out of which 15000 are 2 W.

In house Lithium ion Battery

Worked with Lithium ion since day 1 in 2 W segment as being the only company in the industry which is using solely lithium-ion batteries in commercial production since 2017 and also have worked closely in development of our in-house battery with assistance from Taiwanese tech support, our battery is already ARAI approved.

GERMAN Power Train

We are the first company to start using German System(Bosch) on commercial scale which enable us the better understanding of latest and futuristic technology and quality components.

Chip Based Controller

We are the first company to use FoC based controllers and SoC system in the mass market bike on commercial production, which is the latest and most effecient and powerful technology giving the highest performance bikes in their respective classes.

Service Department

Due to constant sales, we have buildup technically trained service staff support as this understanding is very crucial and gives us edge over our competitors who just entered the Market.

In House Chassis Fabrication

We are among the very few companies in the 2w EV market who have in-house chassis fabrication and designing capacity. This enable us in cost competitiveness and production advantage on all our competitors.

Established Production capacity

Currently we have 300 3w and 6000 2 W production capacity which further can be doubled by doing double shifts so no pressure on immediate investment on that part.

Multiple Model

We have currently 4 Low Speed and 3 High Speed Approved models in 2W category and 1 each in 3W category of Passenger and loading. This is the highest product line up in India as of now.

Future Line up

We have already developed 3 Motorcycle type models which are going to be best and most futuristic in their each price category starting from 90,000/- to 1,80,000/-

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